Voorbij Depressie/Beyond Depression

Beyond Depression with Meditation

Meditation for Depression, guided by Modita van Zummeren, medical docter

7 September '18 my book will be published:
'Depressie, een Opstap naar Geluk'

(translation of the book: 'Depression, a Steppingstone towards Bliss' will be a little later...)

See: book presentation at other locations

See also the website: www.genietenvanmeditatie.nl

* what is depression actually?
* should I take antidepressants or not?

* ongoing group: 'beyond depression with meditation'


* Osho Meditations

* coaching for depression 

In 2018 my book will be released: 'Depression, a stepping stone towards bliss' with guidelines to come out of depression 


Are you depressed and do you want:

*  to come out of it without antidepressants?

*  to know which meditations can help you to go beyond depression ?

*  to leave your depression behind and discover your flow and passion?

*  to get more insight in the cause of your depression?

Then register for:

* Osho Meditations

* The group 'beyond depression with meditation'

* A counseling session
 to get more clarity about the backgrounds of your depression  


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